About me

I'm a software engineer/web developer specialising in Express Node.js applications, React and Wordpress sites. With 20 years of web building experience I'll bring a wealth of knowledge to any project I undertake. I'm a strong believer in appropriate design and you can be sure your website will reflect your companies values and will appeal to your target audience.


Express Node.js web applications

React web applications

Static websites

Websites built on WordPress

eCommerce websites built using WooCommerce and BigCommerce

Email newsletters

Updating your current website

SEO reports


Lifestyle Wealth Management / 2020

Financial advisors website.

Technology used

  • Express Node.js
  • Wordpress (used as a headless CMS)
  • Javascript

Hoople Web Design / 2020

The Hoople Web Design website you are currently looking at. I rebuild this website regularly using different technology as a learning project.

Technology used

  • Gatsby
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Contentful (used as a headless CMS)

We Create Bedrooms / 2019

Website built for a new bedroom fitting company. Site has not been launched as of yet.

Technology used

  • Express Node.js
  • Contentful (used as a headless CMS)
  • Javascript
  • Handlebars.js
  • Sass
  • Gulp

Hospice Renfrew / 2017

Website designed, built and hosted for a Hospice based in Renfrew, Canada. The site was built as a charitable donation of skills and continues to be hosted and has content updated regulary by Hoople Web Design Limited.

Technology used

  • Wordpress

Hair Hacking / 2016

Online shop based in China. The website is available in both English and Chinese languages and takes orders in both GBP and Chinese Yuan currencies.

Technology used

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Multi language plug-in

Makeup Artistry / 2015

Website to showcase Molly's Makeup Artistry work and to encourage bookings.

Technology used

  • WordPress